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Jad Donaldson

Avfuel Corporation Chief Pilot, 2012

Avfuel Corporation has been operating a version of the Citation Excel aircraft since 2001. Over the years Michelin has made several improvements to the main gear tires and the latest version has proven to be very reliable. With the help of Keat Pruszenski my flight department has seen a drastic increase in the life of our tires. We have put this tire to the test and have made many improvements to our SOP's in order to help us achieve this increase. Our last set of main gear tires went 293 cycles before changing and we still had tread left. What is important to understand is that of the 293 landings on this set of tires, 72 of them were on a 3505ft runway. This is a true testament to the quality engineering and manufacturing put forth by Michelin. Quality tires represent an increase in safety. Thank you Keat and Michelin for helping Avfuel Corporation operate our aircraft with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Kevin Smith

Chief of Aircraft Maintenance
Progress Energy Flight Operations
Raleigh, NC

Cessna testimonial (jet - Radial): 2011

In July 2007, we took delivery of a new Citation XLS. Michelin's M13702 radial tires on this aircraft wear extremely well, and we achieve well over 300 landings. We are very pleased with Michelin's quality and performance.

Senior Buyer

Major southern European airline.

All professionals in this business know and value elements such as safety, reliability, and costs and the quick solution requested by unforecasted events happening from time to time. For all these reasons, I feel safe using Michelin tyres.

Frank Leone

Director of Maintenance
Flying Lion Ltd
Florida, USA

Testimonials Dassault F7X (jet - radial) 2011

As an operator of a Falcon 7X out of Boca Raton, Florida, I would like to say the Michelin tires are holding up better than anything we have used in the past. We go into all types of runways around the globe, and we still managed to get over 470 landings on a set of main tires. It's good to know we can depend on these tires with the kind of flying we do.

Bob Runkle

Chief of Maintenance

The MICHELIN® tires that came as original equipment on our new Cessna Sovereigns really blew me away. I had heard that it was possible to get in access of 500 landings on a set of main tires, but I was a bit skeptical to say the least. In the past, we had operated numerous types of aircraft, and the normal tread wear seemed to be around 250 landings. To double the landings seemed like pie in the sky, but that's what we did. What a pleasant surprise to find a manufacturer still trying to be the best and continuing to improve their product. In these times when the dollar rules everything, Michelin® is still making a great product. Keep up the great work.

Jim Walizer

Maintenance Manager-N900NB
Jet Aviation Flight Services-KMDW
Chicago, IL, USA

I manage and maintain an F7X in Chicago which we have operated since May 2010. To date, we have achieved 343 landings on the main tires, and I estimate the tires to be 60-65 % worn. The Michelin tires installed on the F7X produce incredibly even wear as well as yield us with an excellent wear life. As we have become accustomed to high quality and excellent wear in the Michelin radial tires, these tires are exceeding our expectations. We could not be more pleased with the tire performance and reliability.

Air Care

Rocky Mount, NC

Air Care sold its first set of MICHELIN® tires to one of our base customers who is well-known for his fast approaches and hot landings. Your basic WW II fighter pilot fantasy profile. Tire life expectancy was always minimal at best. We suggested he try a set of MICHELIN® Air® tires. That's all it took. The MICHELIN® tires far outperformed his previous tires in total number of cycles and, according to him, provided a better, more solid feel on the runway.

Since then, Air Care has gone on to sell most of our customers MICHELIN® tires. Air Care is known for its commitment to safety and quality. We consider all of our customers part of our Air Care Family. As such, we are proud to be recognized as an Authorized Michelin® Service Center. Now, if we can just sell a set of MICHELIN® tires to the new pilot making the fast touch-and-goes on our "carrier deck," we'll have earned another satisfied customer.

Gary Aldrich

Lancaster, CA
Attendee at AOPA

Cessna (piston - bias) 2009

Back in 1976 I bought my first Volvo. It was equipped with Michelin tires. Up to that time I had been a staunch customer of the domestic brands, but the performance and long wear of those tires made me a convert. There were Michelins on all my cars from that time to the present.

When I bought my first airplane in 1996 the choice of tire was an easy one. The tires on a tail-dragger like the Cessna 180 are a critical aspect of directional control on landing and takeoff…more so than more common tri-cycle gear aircraft. For the safety of my family and the extraordinary performance…wear and value…it's been Michelin (tires AND tubes) for my aircraft since the first tire change. Mark me down as a satisfied customer!

Nick De Marco

Attendee at Oshkosh Air Show, 2011

Beechcraft (piston - bias) 2011

We routinely haul the family in our B36TC Bonanza. I wanted a tire I trusted. Michelin Air gives me that confidence and excellent tread life. I've been running Michelin Air for years. They've never let me down.