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From the first radial aircraft tire designed for the Dassault Mirage III to the Lockheed Martin F-22 Next-Generation, Michelin® Aircraft Tire has continually stretched the limits of innovation. In fact, Michelin® manufactures tires for the world's most sophisticated and demanding military aircraft applications, including the Boeing F-15, F-18 and C-17, the Lockheed Martin F-16, the Dassault Mirage family and Rafale. Please see the part number chart for a full listing of aircraft applications and links to product data pages.

Since military aircraft operate under extreme conditions, MICHELIN® Aircraft tires are designed to meet very strict tolerances. MICHELIN® radial and bias aircraft tires are precision-engineered to deliver ultra-high performance and long life under the toughest conditions. Today, Michelin® is a leading supplier of military aircraft tires to the United States and French Armed Forces along with a number of other international military fleets. Michelin's commitment to innovation and worldwide operator support helps ensure an unmatched level of product quality and fleet readiness.


To find the right tires and tubes for your aircraft and to learn more about the technology behind them, explore our site or contact Michelin® Aircraft Tire.


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